Our Missional Mandate

What are we doing?

The first part of our Vision Frame is our missional mandate. The missional mandate is the guiding compass of our church. It gives us direction and points everyone in that direction.

Our missional mandate is to glorify God and make disciples by inviting our community to enjoy fulfilling lives in Christ.


Our Values

Why are we doing it?

Our values make up the second part of our Vision Frame. They serve as the motivational flame of the church. Our values are the shared convictions that guide our actions.

Our values are:

  • Speaking His Truth - teaching biblical truth, equipping for life
  • Sharing Our Hope - telling our stories, winning our world
  • Showing the Way - leading the next generation, following God's path together
  • Soothing Their Hurt - loving people, caring for their needs


How are we doing it?

The third area of our Vision Frame is strategy. It is like a flashlight that helps everyone clearly see next steps to getting involved. Our strategy consists of the following three proven pathways that help us to accomplish our mission:

Our Measures

When are we successful?

The fourth area of our Vision Frame is measures. Measures are the attributes or characteristics of what a disciple looks like. Our measures provide a standard by which our development as disciples can be measured. At The Church at Liberty Park, we strive to produce disciples who are:

  • Connecting to God
  • Enjoying His Family
  • Pouring Myself Out
  • Shining His Light