February 10 Update with eNews

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A Note from Leigh Simmons - Biblical Counseling Ministry

In Zechariah 4, the prophet and priest, Zechariah, was suddenly awakened from a deep sleep. God gave him a vision to be delivered to the Jewish governor, Zerubbabel, who was faced with a seemingly insurmountable task: rebuilding a temple for God destroyed years earlier by the Babylonians. Through Zechariah, God spoke the words of encouragement Zerubbabel needed to hear to complete this task. God promised that by His Spirit the great challenge towering before Zerubbabel like “a great mountain” would be made as level as a “plain.” 


We, too, encounter mountain-sized problems in our lives - from relationships, finances, jobs, health issues, disappointments, loneliness, grief; this list goes on. Regardless of the troubles we are facing we see from this vision that God wants us to know that the Holy Spirit will continually supply our needs.


God can make the mountain into a plain or else give us the strength and direction to climb over that mountain. When our challenges seem like mountains, we need to refocus our sight on God and our reliance on the Holy Spirit. If you are struggling, or just need someone to talk to, please consider contacting http://www.libertypark.org/biblical-counseling


Secret Church

Everyone is invited!

Friday, April 23, beginning at 6:00pm, the church will be hosting an event called Secret Church 2021 by David Platt. We hope you and your family will be able to come to this! Pizza and snacks will be provided. The cost is $10/per person with a $20 family maximum. It will be a great evening! For more details or to sign up, go to: http://www.libertypark.org/secret-church or contact Pastor Clint Barthel, student pastor.

Baby Dedication

We will have a Baby Dedication time in the 10:30am service on March 14, 2021. If you would like to participate, please contact Family Pastor, Ben Stephenson at ben.stephenson@libertypark.org.

Kids Camp 2021

Kids Camp is coming up! Kids who are currently in 2nd-5th grade are invited to join us at Shocco Springs on July 9-11. The cost in $219 per camper. $75 deposits are due by March 1, 2021. If you paid for last year, your deposit may already be covered. Check with Ben Stephenson, Family Pastor, to get your child signed up today!