Christmas lights – who doesn’t love them? Whether white or multi-colored, whether decorating the eaves of homes or adding a touch of magic to trees in the town square, Christmas lights bring a sense of joy and wonder into our lives. One of my favorite childhood memories involves jumping into the family car as soon as dinner was over and driving through neighborhoods where we knew there would be Christmas lights. Perhaps one of the reasons Christmas lights are so appealing is their contrast to the winter darkness around them. For the time they are lit, they dispel the darkness and bring a sense of peace. However, these are artificial lights, with us for only a few weeks and then packed away until next year.

As Christ-followers, we are reminded each year that our True Light came to earth more than two thousand years ago to dispel the darkness that abounded in the world. In a world still ruled primarily by the darkness of violence, poverty or pain, Jesus remains the light that brings joy and peace – not just for a few weeks, but always. I recall a visiting choir from Africa singing an Anthem entitled “We are Singing for the LORD is Our Light.” How we need to be reminded of that from time to time! So while we may “ooh” and “aah” when the Christmas lights come on, let us affirm with the prophet Micah, “Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.” May the light of Jesus dispel your darkness.

~ Randy Overstreet