In 2010, our youngest daughter transitioned to The Big School and as many Moms before me, I once again joined the line of ants that made the daily trek from Liberty Park to the Hills and back again. One October afternoon a new friend of Lauren’s came home with us to work on a project. I looked forward to meeting her since she had been so welcoming and friendly in those first days in a new school.

As all cool moms do, I jumped into their conversation and relayed how “back in the day” as soon as the afternoon bell rang we would walk over to the YMCA for cheerleading, gymnastics, or swimming, but if we had an afternoon off…we’d jump on our bikes (mine was purple with a white banana seat and glitter handlebar tassels) and race to the shopping strip to spend our spare change on cheese straws and petit fours at the bakery near Loveman’s Department Store. She laughed and said it sounded a lot like her mother’s childhood in Montgomery. What a small world. I had grown up in Montgomery but left in fifth grade when my Mom passed away…so on some off chance that I might know her Mom, I asked what her maiden name was…and suddenly,  goosebumps rippled…her Mom had been my best friend! She had shown up on one of the worst days of my young life with flowers and a stuffed animal and continued to send letters for years after, until eventually we just lost touch. Sitting in my car, all these years later, was her daughter…one of the first friends that our daughter had made in an English class…in a school with hundreds of students…a small world indeed!

Later that afternoon, I hugged the neck of a friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time! Did I mention, it was my birthday?? I received a gift that day that I’ll never forget. That day, a Bible verse written on a card thirty years before, a verse I held on to in faith and hope as a crushed 11 year old, became completely real to me. He had seen me, He still sees me and celebrating his son’s birthday is the reminder that He sees us all…what a gift!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. 

~ Jenny Livingston