So many of our friends and family remember our horrifying event one Sunday morning in October of 2005. Our son, Lee, was horribly burned in a fire at his home. Doctors told us that first night that Lee could not and would not survive the ordeal, perhaps not even for a day. We cried out and prayed in faith.  Our church friends prayed hard, with that day’s worship services becoming marathon prayer meetings. Only God could get Lee through the next few hours. Thanks to the intercession of so many in our church, our family, and individuals around the world, Lee did survive.

Over a few weeks, Lee’s burn doctor went from cold and calculating to being a cheerleader. He gave us hope that Lee might even come home for Christmas. We made plans for his arrival. We ripped out dust collecting carpet and replaced it with a solid floor. We put rails in the bathroom, including the shower stall. We added handrails to stairs. We moved furniture. We were excited that he was coming home for Christmas. We anxiously awaited that day when he would come.

But Lee didn’t get to come home for Christmas. In fact, it was another couple of months before he arrived. During this time we discovered many things. Our church never stopped praying. First it had been prayers for survival, then prayers for quality of life, prayers for healing, and prayers to find a purpose. God heard each and every one of the prayers. We celebrated Christmas in the hospital room, hosting friends and family all day long. In fact, our once non-committal doctor entered into his notes that there was never a time when Lee was alone. We took joy in telling the doctor that hundreds of people around the world were praying for him as he administered Lee’s recovery. 

As we look forward to Christmas this year we know we have been blessed. We see the comparison of Lee’s ordeal to the events leading to the coming of Christ. We examine ourselves to see if we have ripped out the dust collecting areas of our lives. We know that He has become our handrail to stand upright as we go through this life. We pray for the events and people who continue to shape our lives. Yes, another Christmas is coming soon, and we are looking forward to celebrating the birth of the One who continues to bless our lives. We are happy that our home is His home.

~ Anne and David Lucas