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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

announcements for seniors

You can access this page at any time by going to www.libertypark.org/announcementsforseniors

Who are The Young at Heart ?

Spanning a wide range of ages from 55 to 80+, we enjoy being together, welcoming new friends and encouraging one another.  Stop by sometime!  For information about any of our meetings, or to register for an event, please contact Jean Simmons at 995-1484, or jean.simmons@sollicito.com.       

Pastor Appreciation Lunch, Sunday, September 21

Our pastor, Scott Guffin, celebrated his 10th anniversary in ministry here at LPBC in June.  In recognition of his faithfulness to teach God’s Word, to minister to us in our joys and sorrows, and his constant admonition that we are to go and share the Gospel in our Jerusalem and beyond, we want to honor Scott and Beth with a churchwide appreciation luncheon after the worship service on September 21. 
The church will provide the meat, drinks, plates, and utensils, but we are asking families to help by providing the sides and desserts for the meal. 
In order to ensure that we have a good variety of sides and desserts for lunch, the adult Sunday School classes have each been assigned different types of items to bring.  Sign up sheets detailing these assignments can be found in your Sunday School box this Sunday morning.  Please pass the sheet around in your class this Sunday morning and encourage your group members to sign up.  After they have signed up, please return the sign up sheets to the boxes, so we can keep up with what we have and what we need.  (For Preschool, Children’s, and Student Teachers - If you would like to sign up to help by providing a side or dessert, you may sign up in the adult class you are most closely tied to or by contacting Susie Chambliss or Diane Thomas.

Senior Adult Potluck Lunch

The Senior Adult Potluck Lunch that was originally planned for September 28 has been re-scheduled for Sunday, October 19.  Keep watch for more details coming soon!