Repeat the Sounding Joy!

Church Family, we are so glad that that you are taking the time each day to journey to Christmas through the personal stories, devotions and thoughts of some of your staff and brothers and sisters in Christ here at The Church at Liberty Park. There are 24 days to REPEAT THE SOUNDING JOY OF WHAT IT MEANS TO HAVE JESUS WITH US AND IN US! We pray that these pages will allow you to realize the HOPE, JOY, PEACE and LOVE that is offered through Christ.  Reading through these devotional thoughts and stories have given me great encouragement to see how God has worked in many lives in our church family.

It has been since 1993 that an Advent devotional was done here. We are so excited that this will become an annual event… because God continues to write more chapters in the lives of His people. As you read each day, jot down your thoughts about what you have read in the margin of the page or in your journal. You may even want to share with the person who wrote that day’s thoughts what it meant to you—if it was timely to where you are in life.

So, Church, let us journey in celebration of the ADVENT…(ARRIVAL) of our Savior.. and live with the great anticipation of the second ADVENT….He is Coming again! Merry Christmas Church!


Pastor Randy Overstreet and Mrs. Oleta Bruton                                                                                                             

Cover Art by Garrett Marks, Oleta’s grandson

December 2018


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