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Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Liberty Pals

enrichment opportunities

Liberty Pals offers a variety of enrichment opportunities for your child. Your tuition includes:

Music Classes (for all ages) give your child the awesome experience of singing songs of praise, exploring creative movement, playing rhythm instruments, and learning the fundamentals of music as note values and musical symbols.

Arts and Crafts (for all ages) are a large part of the Liberty Pals experience as your child learns to create and develop their artistic nature.

Chapel (for older twos through four-year-olds) provides a weekly worship experience for your child. LPBC staff, teachers and special guests provide fun, Bible-based lessons each week, along with worship time through music.

For an additional fee, we offer other enrichment classes which are listed here for your consideration.

Spanish Classes (for older threes and fours) ¡Qué inteligente! Help your child get a jumpstart in Spanish.  Spanish classes begin at 12:45pm on a weekly basis. Children are taught fundamentals of vocabulary, conversation and culture through participation in classes.

Soccer Shots (for older threes and fours) A great extra-curricular activity held one day a week after preschool.

Preschool Dance Class (for older threes and fours) This class will offer a combination of ballet, creative movement and tap.